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Do you have an idea of a course, webinar, book, podcast or personal brand that you'd like to create? Let us give you the strategy, coaching & tools you need to get it done!

Is your business a one to one service or do you have a message to share with the world?

 Stop trading hours for dollars and create an online program to leverage your time and increase your bottom line!
Do websites, opt in sanding pages sales funnels, freemiums and email marketing make your head spin?

Maybe you know what you need to launch your business online but struggle with the technology and how to put all the pieces together.

Let us give you the strategy, the timeline and teach you how to do it yourself. or check our our done for your services!
You know you need to use social media to market yourself, Do you know what platform to use, how to set it up, what to post and how often?

You know you have a Bestseller on your hands but you have no idea how to publish it on amazon or make money from it?

or you have a Podcast but have no idea how to monetize it.

Let us help with training, implementation and strategy.
The Diamond Service! Lets be REAL, you really don't need to do all of this yourself, if it's not in your genius, don't do it, hire it out.

We can do a complete content syndication for you. How would you like to give us 3 20 minute voice recordings and from there get Articles, Blog Posts, Podcasts, YouTube Videos, Social Media Posts for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram all DONE OR YOU!

Yes you read that right, we will do all of you content for you, your commitment is giving us less then an hour of you talking about your expertise!
How we work
We work as your partner in getting your business online. You may have an idea or have already started something and together we will create the strategy to get it online and bringing in clients. Whether that be an online course, a membership site, a coaching program, your book, or your podcast we have the knowledge, tools, resources to create it, launch it and market it. We have the ability to to coach you through it, work with you on it or do it for you! 
  • If you are new and just getting started our START UP TO LAUNCH 6 Week Bootcamp is Perfect to get you what you need to get going!

  • If you on your way but need the accountability, the support and coaching then our 12 Month FREEDOM & IMPACT MASTERMIND Group is perfect for you!

  •  If you want us to do it for you, we can do your Social Media, Produce your Podcast or Publish
     your Book! If you are a Coach and need this done for your clients we are here to be your partners.
    The DONE FOR YOU option is your best best
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About Us 
Michelle Abraham 
Online Marketing & Social Media Strategist
Podcaster| Author| Consultant
Michelle is a Freedom and Impact Business Coach who focuses on her clients Expert Positioning, Program Packaging, Promoting on Social Platforms and Profit Acceleration!!! 
Nominated for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010 after being in business for only 2 yrs Michelle's Fitness & Nutrition Business went from start up to $150,000 in revenue in the first 9 months with programs running from Vancouver to Kelowna in 8 cities.

Aligning her business with Social Impact she lead the first ever Downtown Eastside Sun Run Clinic. Her business has been featured in the Vancouver Sun, Georgia Straight, NS News, Westender, on Global News and she was a trainer for a family on the TV Show X- Weighted.

More Recently Michelle has become a Digital Media Marketing Expert. She spoke at the Blog Mastery Conference on Podcasting, Dynamic Women in Action Soiree on Digital Publishing, was Live Podcasting for the YVR Social Media Conference and interviewing each speaker. Michelle spoke on Fitness and Nutrition at the Illuminate your life Event for the last 2 years and has spoken at many other networking events.

She has hosted or managed many workshops, podcasts, virtual summits and masterminds. Michelle currently owns a co working space and spends her time coaching and consulting Professional Business Owners.

Michelle's specialty is helping these professionals launch their businesses  online to leverage their time and maximize their profits. Through her own experience, Michelle discovered a disconnect from students graduating from their certifications to actually opening a business and having paid clients. She is so happy she can be the guide to close the gap!!!  

What our Clients say
Michelle was a Key Component!
Working with Michelle has provided me with structure and focus, being the missing component to smoothly moving forward with so many business ideas. Most entrepreneurs are filled with a massive amount of creative energy and Michelle has an amazing ability to steer it in a productive direction, towards execution and delivery. Which ultimately is where the bottom line is measured, so I would say, she is a key component to the success of your business.
Tonia Mattu Life stylist, Yuology
  • Michelle and I worked together on the design and implementation of my first online program. I definitely appreciated that Michelle provided me with valuable coaching AND she also handled the technical aspects of the program entirely! Michelle helped me to gain clarity on my niche and she walked me through the design of the program, patiently answering any questions that I had along the way. We met each week to plan next steps and the accountability was very valuable for me. When decisions seemed overwhelming to me, Michelle was right there talking me through the options. It can be isolating as an entrepreneur, so it was really special to have someone to lean on, and someone to congratulate me on a job well done. Sharon, RHN
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